Eastwood City is a 17 hectare commercial and residential development located in the Libis area of Quezon City in the Philippines.

Eastwood City Cyberpark is a BPO-targeted office complex forming part of Eastwood City. Its buildings include the 20-story Global One Center and the 10-story 1880 Eastwood Avenue. The cyberpark is listed as an approved IT Center by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, making export-oriented companies located therein eligible for temporary tax holiday, permanent reduced rate of corporate income tax, and other incentives.

Quezon City residents have a literacy rate of 98.32%, higher than the average rate for the Philippines of 93.4%. There is a large English-speaking population, with English the language of instruction in almost all subjects in school and for business. This makes Quezon City a pool of world-class potential talents for BPO employment.



19F IBM Plaza Building, No. 8 Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City

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